Dips and Dots

After making it through the worst storm NYC has ever seen, I could use some shine and dots to cheer me up. Thankfully, those of us at D*S are safe and sound, but so many of our favorite stores and restaurants are flooded and in need of help. While we’re all looking for ways to help in the real world right now, I could use a little virtual cheer up, and these colorful dipped plates and foil dotted napkins are just the ticket. I’d love to throw a happy, upbeat dinner party for everyone after the storm cleanup is done — we could all use a little fun after this scare. Here’s hoping all of you reading are safe and sound, and if your home suffered damage, I hope you’re being surrounded by love and helping hands to get you through this tough time. xo, grace


I like the shiny dots..that’s so my cup of green tea. Wearing something like that around my neck would be just the littlest sparkly thing to brighten my day. Now if I could knit sparkly little silver circles onto a scarf I would have it made!


Hello Grace, I’m glad you’re all safe and sound. There are lots of us in faraway lands untouched by Sandy who have been thinking of you all lots. Have some virtual hugs from France! Love the dots.