current obsessions: constellation mania

by Grace Bonney

For a while now, the entire D*S team has been under a constellation spell. It’s seeped into our homes and wardrobes and is now playing a central role in our office makeover projects (and the geometric vibe is running through all of this morning’s posts, too). So it’s no surprise that when I took to Etsy to look for personal projects this weekend (marble shelves — no luck), I ended up with a huge link list of constellation artwork. Whether you’re into the stories behind astrological signs or just like maps of the night sky, these products might be for you. If you’d rather make than buy, stay tuned for some DIY ideas from our office soon, but until then, these pieces above and below are my favorites. Virtual high five to all my fellow Geminis . . . xo, grace

Image above: Mount Olympia Constellation Print, $35

Leather Constellation iPhone Sleeve, $25

Vintage Ursa Major Print, $15

Constellation Print, $50+

TEN more constellation designs continue after the jump (including not one but two cat constellations, my fave) . . .

Vintage Zodiac Print, $40

Bird Constellation Print, $35

Bear Constellation Watercolor Print, $10

Cat Space Galaxy Scarf, $50 (I know . . . but I seriously love it)

Galaxy Cat Constellation, $14

Full Moon and Constellation Bandana, $18.50

Hand-Stitched Constellation Collage, $35

Hand-Pulled Zodiac Print, $24

Best Friend Astrological Map Print, $18 (combine any two signs or choose an individual sign print)

Vintage Constellation Print, $12

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