crystal bulbs

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself paying more attention to the functionality of objects. I live in a small space, so if something doesn’t serve at least two functions or have a small footprint, it doesn’t cross the threshold. However, every now and then I get totally swayed by something that falls firmly into the decoration category. Enter these crystal bulbs from Lee Broom. Handmade from English full-lead crystal, each one has an intricate cut pattern and a brushed brass pendant fitting. I love the way this blends traditional and contemporary. I think it would look most impressive in a large grouping, but at $175 a piece, that’s not exactly in my price range. For now, I can keep eying these and imagining them grouped above my desk as a dramatic statement. Click here to check them out in more detail and order online. xo, grace


Those are ridiculously gorgeous and out of my price range. This poor art student bit sucks.

Grace Bonney


for hand-carved crystal (not glass/plastic) it seems pretty accurate. but i know, that’s not a price i can afford either, esp not for a single bulb.



This is amazing! I love the details on the bulb but its a little bit pricey for us :( but regardless its stunning!


I’ve found a cheap kind at Walmart! They are round and very pretty…they give off a nice pink light but look clear. I am using one in a cheap aluminum clip on task lamp. The bare bulb was driving me nuts and it looks great. I think it is GE?

Rose Apodaca

Hello All,
Such a lovely surprise to see this on designsponge! No notice and no idea and that’s makes it such a surprise! THANK YOU.

Please think of these not so much as a light bulb as a light source, the way you would a gorgeous lamp.
And since the LED is replaceable it can last a lifetime! xoAndy+Rose/A+R