btw ceramics

Brooke Winfrey creates these beautiful ceramics from her studio in Brooklyn, New York. Her porcelain designs feel organic and raw and are the sort of pieces I wish I could make for everyday use. The subtle lines in the plate and cup above look as though they are hand drawn. Each piece starts as a slab and is press molded, so no two plates are the same. The striped designs are inlaid with black lines under the glaze and then finished with a clear glaze on top. I love how clean and simple they feel, but with enough natural variation and texture to remain visually interesting. If you’d like to check out or order Brooke’s work, click here to visit her Etsy shop (all of her pieces are lead free and microwave, dishwasher and food safe). xo, grace


How beautiful! This is the type of pottery I would have loved to make on a regular basis had I stayed a potter in college.


Cute but *expensive*. It’s gratifying and not difficult to make your own, if you have the time/desire. Most community colleges have ceramics classes for affordable prices.