birch sake vessels

I like birch on anything and in just about every form. As a table runner, in the form of plates, a field full of birch trees — you name it, I probably like it and want to be near it. These birch sake vessels at Mjölk are no exception. The second I saw them, I wanted a set to magically appear in front of me so we could use them for drinks at the office. Both the sake pot above and the wine cooler below were made by Hokkaido-based artist Kota Fukunaga. Each vessel is made from hand-turned logs of birch and finished with a coat of water-based resin, making it food safe. These are so gorgeous on their own as sculptures that I’d definitely leave them out on a tabletop or credenza when they weren’t in use. That rich color is too pretty to hide in a cabinet. Click here to check out the sake pot ($140) and order online and here for the wine cooler ($220). xo, grace