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Before & After: Best of Floors

by Kate Pruitt

Like the ground outside or the very principles of gravity, a floor is something we often take for granted. It’s solid, flat (hopefully), and covers the whole room…that’s pretty much all we need from it right? But after seeing countless home tours and renovations, it’s clear that floors are a huge part of what determines the look and feel of a room, for the very reason this it is such a huge continuous expanse. Browsing through our archive of Before  & Afters, I came across so many wonderful transformations, from budget friendly paint jobs to full refinishes in wood and tile. I’ve rounded up the best of our floor makeovers, so you can see what a difference a floor makes, and find inspiration for you next floor renovation, no matter what your budget may be. Enjoy! —Kate

Images above: An old tiled floor gets refinished in high luxe walnut in this antique kitchen update.

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Images above: For this modern bungalow renovation, two creatives who work form home decided to open up and transform their space with bright white walls and gorgeous longleaf pine floors.

Images above: This dark paneled bathroom gets a luxurious transformation with floors and walls of beautiful marble tile.

Images above: If you have damaged or otherwise less than perfect floors and are on a tight budget, consider painting them with a dramatic eye-catching design like Carrie has done with this amazing painted pattern floor.

Images above: A floral explosion bathroom becomes a restful, spa-like sanctuary thanks to beautifully tiled floors, fresh white paint, and fun pops of color.

Images above: To create separate spaces and bring more light to her Atlanta loft, Margot built a simple modern platform and painted her floors a shiny light-reflecting white.

Images above: In a small bathroom redo like this one, investing in eye-catching tiles for your floors can provide more bang for your buck, instantly imbuing the space with a chic, eclectic feel.

Images above: A simple small kitchen gets an industrial chic facelift with eco-friendly cork flooring that warms and brightens the space.

Images above: Warm wood floors turn a dark, musty old living room into an organic, modern, and welcoming space.

Images above: Tile, gorgeous tile. An unassuming bathroom in this ground floor renovation gets a stunning makeover with allover cobalt blue penny tiles.

Images above: When you think of transforming your floors, don’t overlook the stairs! A pink ombre treatment turns a simple set of stairs into a bright, beautiful point of drama in this lovely home.

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  • I like the ombre effect on the stairway…I just had this brilliant idea for a large family – paint the name of each child on a riser, then pose all the children on the stairs for a family photo. It would be different and very clever. You could even make it an annual event too. Change up the paint on the risers, pose the children in a different spot too…provided you stay in that house long enough.

  • my 2 daily blogs are you and retrorenovation so that first one kills me! what i would have given for those crazy floor tiles! a fresh coat of white paint, modern solid surface counter tops and a new island would have been far more unique! these white/walnut kitchens all look the same to me.

    the other ones are marvelous. that ombre staircase is amazing!

  • the one with the yellow tub might be the best makeover i’ve ever seen! and those ombre stairs are so great, i can’t wait to live in a place where i am allowed to paint my stairs…

  • My favorite has to be the painted pattern floor. I remember reading this a few months back and I’m equally impressed seeing it today. Super budget-friendly and a work of art. You need to have a lot of patience and dedication to finish something this big, love it!

  • Wow. Love the clean finished wood floors in the kitchen. I also love it when the wood floors are exposed in a historical home. Lovely!

  • If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion that for before & after shots, take the after shots from the same angle as the before. I think it loses the impact of all your hard work when you can’t really see the transformation when the shots are from a completely different angle. :)

  • My boyfriend has some challenging flooring and I would love to get some ideas as to what to do with exposed aggregate. Can you treat it in some way that makes it look better or do you have to rip it out and start over. He would love a change but doesn’t want to spend a ton of cash because ultimately, it will be rental house. Any advice you can share, would be greatly appreciated!

  • The floors are nice. However, the current trend of redoing tends to lack character and it’s hard to distinguish one kitchen and/or bathroom from another. I really like a bit more personality and less big box redo. But, that’s why there are horse races!

  • WOW….i’m totally speechless right now! This home looks awesome! I noticed that a lot of people are using the same light fixture in the kitchen, the big glass bulb. Looks fabulous!

  • Sheree; so agree with you! :)
    MB; what a great idea this is!

    Love this compilation of before-after floors… Love the fact that you took them up together as I’ve been marvelling at the individual make-overs before – and a special fave goes to the blue mini-tile bathroom which literally blows me away – under the shower! Thanks for this great, great post.

  • I recently tore up carpet in three rooms in my house and painted the floors. All very different and all came out pretty cool. I wish I did before after shots! These are great!

  • It’s super weird when y’all feature really quirky and unique “befores” and ultra-expensive, intensive “modern” “afters.” I guess some of the readers have unlimited funds and a perceived need for brand-spanking new stuff? I’m with Jen on the checked floors.

    • fiorini

      yes, our readership spans all different styles and economic backgrounds- we try to offer ideas that we think will appeal to a broad range of people interested in design.


  • The last photo is my favorite. Really like what they did to keep the house that classic country style with that little touch of modern flair, well done.

  • It is absolutely lovely, should be given credit for a budget friendly and a work of art. What I love most is the finished wood floors in the kitchen showing a clean and cozy place opting for a timeless historical home.

  • My favourites are the staircase and the painted floor pattern, I agree with Jen that the whole white kitchen thing is starting to get a little old now.


  • Flooring is like having a great pair of shoes….it just matters both for the way it looks and feels–just like a pair of shoes. Currently our kitchen (before) is white tile…it’s terrible on oh so many levels. Seeing this today gives me so much inspiration…for our kitchen floors and maybe a little ombre treatment on the stairs up to the attic. Love those shades of pink!

  • Love bath …clean sleek first pic, why didn’t you use real drift wood on wall?

  • Love first bathroom, sleek n modern, but why have pic on wall with drift wood poster instead of real thing…n its free…!!!!