Before & After: Bedroom Nook

It is the day of nooks! Earlier today, we posted Lora’s cozy and ethereal window nook, and now we’re ending with a gorgeous bedroom alcove from interior designer Angela Robinson. Angela had the ingenious idea to utilize the room’s angles and wrap a bold wallpaper from wall to ceiling to wall, creating a dreamy undersea effect that is the perfect ambiance for a sleeping space. She also wisely kept the remaining elements minimal and clean, allowing the boldness of the pattern and the bright light that floods the space to take center stage. Tanya Schoenroth designed the millwork and selected the interior finishes and fixtures. I’m definitely tucking this away in my inspiration file. It is simply stunning. — Kate

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Time: 6 months (for the full home)

Basic Steps: The most important step in residential design is to get to know your client! Learn about what’s important to them and their family. Get to know their personalities, likes, dislikes and how they are going to be using the space. After establishing the design concept and the parameters of the project (function, budget, etc.), we went for it! The wallpaper was a major jumping off point for this one. We really wanted to play up the low ceiling and angled walls in the cozy bed area. Source locally! Vancouver has such amazing boutique stores and so many local talented artists to work with.

Our advice: Don’t overdo it! When you’re working with bold, large-scale surfaces, keep the other finishing classic, minimal and clean-lined to avoid the space looking too busy and cluttered. Quality over quantity. Have a creative brainstorming session with friends. There are no bad ideas in the ideation stages of planning. This is where great ideas are born and grow into other great ideas! Make it personal! We incorporated our clients’ favourite city on the toss pillows (London). The stairway walls showcase large framed bulletin boards where guests can pin their Polaroid picture with a personalized message (in place of a guest book). Have a game plan before you start purchasing. Lay out all your selections together before committing. Fall in love. Do not settle on any items you are not crazy for, including textiles and accessories. Home decor/design should last longer than just one trend season! —Angela

Drapery: Ravi Design
Wallpaper: SR 91902 (environmentally friendly, eco chic) from Crown Wallpaper
Wall hooks and black and white throw on bed: Mint Interiors
Eames chair in bedroom (second hand): Metropolitan Home
Photographer: Janis Nicolay


I LOVE this! Love the warm browns with the batik feel, and using the lucite with it …..

Unique entry doors

I am so astonished with the after photo. The finished work is a masterpiece! I love the wall design effect, and oh – the bed and side table with lamps are gorgeous! I’m afraid to have my room up in the attic, but with an interior like this one, I would love to stay here a lifetime.


I like the colours and the idea, but I’m not a fan of the wallpaper on the walls and ceiling (I don’t mind the wallpaper itself, jsut the use). Kinda makes the room look like a tunnel. It’s definitely for a bold person!

I love the sconces and bedside tables


I was blown away! Beautiful. Where do you get the giant wooden nob for the wall?


I’d also love to know the source for the knobs! I NEED that to hold scarves or necklaces!


wow! this is impressive! but also, fairly anxiety-inducing for me.


I love the design of this space but i have to be honest, not a big fan of the wall paper :( but everything else in the room looks amazing. Great transformation!


I really like the covers on the pillows where do you get those and can you get different cities?


I’d also love to know the source of the ‘London toss pillows’ … London and Auckland would be my fave city scenes!

Bérangère Bouffard

Wow, the side tables, the sconces, the gorgeous knobs for hanging stuff, the fur, the pillows! I love it all!! Even the bold wallpaper. That said I feel bad to say that I don’t dig it there :( sorry and I’m a bold pattern kind of person! Maybe because of how it’s applied? I do love the paper but my first reaction is far from a serene ‘under the sea’ vibe. It felt more was like being in a rushing tunnel of Doctor Who which I like very much but not for sleeping or waking up… Maybe it’s the effect of the walls cocooning the whole space… Would be cool in a den or as a bold accent wall for a living room or as a bold backdrop for artwork. Still very well put together and fun space to be in I’m sure!


Beautiful indeed! I love the throw pillows – where are they from?

Amy P

The wallpaper pattern isn’t my favourite, but I do love the concept. I had those sloped ceilings as a kid and miss them now – they seemed so cozy.


i’m sorry if you’ve already said- but what is the source for those bedside tables?


The overall shape of the room is cool but I think the wallpaper will look outdated in five years because it already borders on that tacky beach house vibe we all know and love.

Marina Klima

This is great; I can’t really imagine for the outcome, the color combination used, the effects, every detail looks significantly amazing, especially the dreamy-undersea effect of the wall and the ceiling.


I’m always amazed at how creative people can be – to be able to take some ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary is just an amazing talent. Thank you so much for sharing!


This is so funny…the other day my 4 year old son asked me very seriously what the difference between a nook and a cranny was, and I was completely stumped! I should have shown him this.



I LOVE the bedroom! Where can I purchase the lucite tables?
Thank you!!!


I couldn’t find the wallpaper at “crown wallpaper”, could you please send me the link for it?