Back Tomorrow…

Hi everyone! Last night Hurricane Sandy hit NYC and most of us at D*S lost internet, cable and power. We won’t be posting today but we’ll be back up and running tomorrow with normal posts. Hope all of you are safe and sound at home… xo, grace

Uncle Beefy

Thinking good thoughts and hoping everyone is okay. Well, as okay as can be hoped and expected for under such scary circumstances.


Thoughts are with you guys, I know all too well what its like being totally powerless when mother nature lets us all know who gets the final word! Take care and stay warm and safe.


Nature certainly can be a force to be reckoned with as Sandy has shown. Be safe and know that we Australians are all thinking of you.

Maggie Huggins

Thoughts with you all the way from New Zealand too. I can I just say that I have been really proud to see sign language used alongside the main speakers at the press conferences.


hola grace!!! of coursse thinking and wishing the best for you all from buenos aires!!!muchos besos!


Hope everyone at DS and in NY are doing well! Sending warm wishes and positive thoughts your way!