Animal Love: Fox

I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a fox in real life. So until the day, I actually see a real fox, I’m going to console myself with fox-related products. (I think the fox bracelet above would go a long way toward making me feel better.) For some reason, this roundup skewed a little more toward fashion than usual, but if you’re looking to celebrate the fox a bit more at home rather than on your person, Horse & Hound has a plethora of fox-related home items.   -Amy Azzarito

p.s. I’ve really gotten into these animal roundups (animal love: bunny and animal love: swan), so if there’s an animal you’d like to see, let me know.

Image above: hidden animal mug (fox) $21, fox pendant $26.39, felt fox laptop holder $18, felted Mr Fox $35, fox forestry hook $22, fox with present cocktail napkin $72 (set of 4), felt fox mask $15, fox head hinge bracelet $195, coral and tusk sparklers pillow $74

Image above: fox print scarf $85, fox shopper bag $5, navy fox print t $39, fox wreath pillow $74, fox buckle skinny waist belt $17.59, skeddadle knob $14, stud wrap bracelet (tiny foxes) $125, fox mittens $22, coral and tusk fox pocket doll $69

Image above:sweatshirt with fox window panel $43.98 and fox socks $4


We actually see foxes in our neighborhood quite often. They’re really cute.

I love that fox pendant.

Jessica @ MyArdentLife

Totally loving the animal roundups! The fox stuff is great. On the DorothyPerkins site (linked to the rockin’ fox socks) there are hedgehog socks – how about a hedgehog roundup? Beatrix Potter’s Mrs Tiggywinkle was a childhood fave. More ideas from my neighborhood (no, really, I live on a farm) – Raccoons! Goats! Robins!


I have a Fox tattoo! It’s a repro of a piece of Alaskan Art that I inherited from my grandmother. She bough several pieces when she went on a cruise through Alaska.

I LOVE foxes, and have been hoping you do an animal roundup about them!


Melissa Kojima

Oh, fox, I love you. I’m so glad you did this post about my friend the fox! Gorgeous round up. I find the fox so inspiring and create many paper play products with foxes. Hooray for foxes. I’ll check out the other animal love posts. Have you done one on elephants yet? I love them too.


Thank you. “My” fox comes to the back door on an almost daily basis, looking for the chipmunks and birds. We’ve had a den behind our house for over ten years and have enjoyed watching the generations grow up.


omg, you should come to london where we have so many city foxes after the fox hunting ban was put in place. i see one pretty much daily! they’re big, like small wolves, and wander the streets after dark. very cool!


These foxes are so cute, especially the fox mask.

I love the idea of featuring the buffalo and the sloth! Perhaps more for springtime, but what about spiders, beetles or moths (instead of the usual butterflies, dragonflies and cicadas we see everywhere)? I make gorgeous beetle pillows.


Octopus roundup please! There are so many cute octopi out there, I’d love to see all the great art and decor in one place.


Foxes never goes out of fashion! Thanks for the collage. I like the clothing by dorothy perkins, the fox with the crown is too cute!