Animal Love: Elephant

Ask and you shall receive. I got so many great suggestions for animal roundups after Animal Love: Fox that I’m a bit worried you’ll be sick of these by the time I’m happily searching for hedgehogs while watching Downton Abbey on repeat (that may have happened already). I have to admit that I’m loving the hunt for animal-themed products more than feels normal. I particularly love the idea of celebrating the elephant through design. Did everyone see Urban Elephant? The story of Shirley and Jenny? (Part 1 is here, and DO NOT MISS Part 2.) Max and I watched it in the office yesterday, and we were both in tears. I think Max put it best when he said, “Elephants are so special.” They certainly are. — Amy Azzarito

Image above, clockwise from left: Elephant Cuff, $85; Organic Felt Elephant, $80; Utopia Elephant Lamp, $395; Elephant Studs, $68; Etched Elephant Pillow, $29; Brass Elephant Bookend, $82; Elephant Luggage Tag, $10; Elephant Hook, $20; Elephant Watering Can, $12

Image above, clockwise from left: ASOS Elephant Belt, $9.67; Elephant Scarf, $59; Elephant Side Table, $213.95; Elephant Lamp, $249; Baby Elephant Pillow, $26

Image above: Savannah Story Bust, Elephant, $128

Image above: Elephant Duvet Cover, $250


I love elephants! My grandfather collected them, and I inherited his collection when he died. I may have to add a few of these babies as well :) I even have one tattooed on my arm in honor of him. Also – to those who also love them, searching for teak elephant bookends on ebay/etsy is generally a recipe for some great finds!

jackie jade

I’m obsessed with that elephant lamp – one day it will be mine! May I suggest a roundup of dog stuff? There is obviously a TON of stuff out there, but would love to see a roundup of some of your faves!

Melissa Kojima

Hooray for elephants. I love your picks. The elephant doll is gorgeous and the lamps and duvet cover—oh me, oh my! Yes, elephants are special!


All are very nice … Ihav’nt these !! My collection of elephants includes approximately 500 specimens in multiple materials. Now I have no place so i am looking for the pub (paper) where the elephant is the symbol and use for all he is great values


I love the most part of this elephants ..there are really nice ! I should like to have somme of them !


Love the elephant luggage tag! I heard that if the elephant’s trunk is up, then it is good luck!


YEEP. Lovin on these elephants! The gold ones in particular. Who knew gold and elephants went so well together? I also love the recent rise of the hedgehog. I hope it eclipses owls. Not that owls are bad…it’s just, you know…they are like the Justin Bieber of design trends. I don’t want them as my boyfriend.

I for one would love to see more giraffes. And sea horses. And possums (why does nobody pays attention to the noble possum?). Snuffalupugi. My uncle used to say that a rhinoceros was just a fat bald unicorn. Not nearly enough rhinoceroses being celebrated if you ask me.


I love elephants too, but at the moment I am a little concerned about the iconography, especially on elephant prints for wee ones. Maybe after the election I will be able to see elephants as just elephants again.


Love this! Maybe an Animal Love on Donkeys would be fitting this election season! :)

Erin Renisnk

My great grandmother collected elephant figurines during the great depression – they were her one luxury. After my grandmother passed we split up her collection and I have a really fabulous little elephant vase. We’ve added to the collection with a handmade stuffed elephant for my son, a handcarved wood elephant from a sanctuary in Thailand and handpainted figurine my sister brought from India. Glad we aren’t the only elephiles around!


I didn’t know I liked elephants so much! I really like the Organic Felt Elephant, the Etched Elephant Pillow, and the elephant luggage tag.


Love these elephant decors! Elephants are such beautiful and gentle animals. Had a great experience with them in Thailand. Can;t wait to go back!