Animal Love: Bee

When I set out to do another Animal Love, I thought it was time to broaden our love to include an insect. Plus, who doesn’t love a bee? And not just for the honey; the life cycle of a bee — the way each member of the hive has a job — is pretty cool. And of course, there is that honey thing. — Amy Azzarito

Image above, clockwise from left: Bee Open Bangle, $65; Bee Salt and Pepper Shakers, $40; Bee Charmer Cuff Links, $200; Bee Dishtowel, $18; Ceramic Bee Stamper, $24; Bee Cookie Cutter, $1.25; Queen Bee Burlap Pillow, $44.95; Bee Tumbler, $11; Brass Bee Paperweight, $12; Honey Bee Matches (3), $9.99

Image above, clockwise from left: Bee paperweight, $60; Carved Bee Necklace, $118; Insect Plate, $88; Bee Drop Earrings, 21.11; Bea Bee Bracelet, $34.46; Bee Door Knocker, $130; Bumble Bee Guest Towels, $42; Bee Studs, $30; Beehive Cake Stand, $39; Bee Pillow, $49


really enjoying these animal love posts. great idea going with the insect. hope you continue to be creative in your choice of “animals.” :)


I keep thinking I should take the bee for my critter, like Napoleon. this might be the inspiration to finally make me do it!

Amy J

I love bees too :) I have about 40,000 of them in my backyard right now! Check out my blog about the little tykes.

Maria B

Are you familiar with the work of Aganetha Dyck? She works with bees and hives and such. It’s incredible. I highly recommend a google search. You won’t be disappointed. She’s from the same town where I went to art school (Winnipeg, MB) and she came to my thesis show. I was so excited, but completely starstruck!! She’s the nicest lady ever.


I’m liking these animal roundups! Also thought I’d mention that World Market has glasses similar to the one you picked in case someone doesn’t want to wait for shipping. My mom just had me get her 12, so I would know. xD

Colleen Hofmann

I love this post on bees. My dad used to harvest honey from bee hives in our backyard when I was younger, so I’ve always had a fascination with the science behind bees and just the insect in general.


I have a bee paperweight that I would like to know more about.
It is round, has a black base with 9 raised, gold napoleon bees all around.
The marks on the bottom- W.E. 8283 1964. I cannot find any info from this mark.
would appreciate any help . I have several hundred bees in and around my home.