After the Jump: Todd Selby (mp3)

Few sites have had as meteoric a rise to fame as The Selby. The moment photographer Todd Selby’s website went live, we all became insta-fans. I devoured his home tours with gusto because they felt so different. Todd has access to some of the most interesting creative people around the world and photographs them in a way that feels genuine and personal, with interesting touches like handwritten interviews and illustrations (often done in watercolor). His site was turned into a book, The Selby Is in Your Place, in 2010, and in 2011, Todd shifted focus to launch a new site, Edible Selby, where he photographed the restaurants, kitchens and gardens of people in the food world. Edible Selby (Abrams 2012) is now a book featuring 40 creative food-related spaces, recipes and magnets based on Todd’s watercolors, and Todd was kind enough to join me on-air yesterday to talk about his life, his inspirations and the process behind his photography projects.

It’s always fun to speak with someone who has a job or passion that overlaps with yours. I was fascinated to hear about Todd’s process in finding homes, people and spaces to photograph and how he focuses on great spaces and making homeowners feel comfortable. It’s not an easy thing to do, and Todd does it so well. Whether you’re new to The Selby or have been a fan since the beginning, I hope you’ll enjoy learning more about Todd, his work and his personal style and what trends he’s seeing across design and food. Thanks again, Todd, for joining me on After the Jump! xo, grace

Ways to Listen

joy @ imaginejoy

I just learned about Todd Selby’s work over the weekend, so I was very excited to listen to this interview this morning! I’ve been working on a collection of calligraphy studio tours, so I really enjoyed hearing about Todd’s process and his insight on how to make people feel at ease. Excellent interview!

Uncle Beefy

The Selby meets FOOD?!! I know I will die! But happy! Off to listen to the session! Hope things are swell, Miss Grace! xo UB :)