after the jump: being your brand

by Grace Bonney

This week’s radio show was the last “solo” show of the season, because I’ve got an exciting range of guests lined up for the remainder of the year (Todd Selby and Tom Felicia are coming up next). Since this was my last chance to discuss topics that had been kicking around my own head, I decided to spend yesterday’s show talking about the process of Being your Brand.

This is a process and idea I’ve both enjoyed and struggled with over the years, so it felt right to sit down and talk about the ways to do it right and some things that are best to avoid. I was happy that (birthday girl!) Amy Azzarito could join me for the show and add her insight and experience as well. Here are some of the areas we covered:

  • Your Mission Statement
  • Owning your Expertise
  • Logistics of Setting Up your Personal Brand
  • Self Promotion
  • Being Seen
  • Being Consistent and Authentic

We had such a great time covering these topics and I think we both felt like we had learned something by the end of the show, too. I hope you’ll take a listen and share your own thoughts on the comment section below. It’s a topic with a lot of viewpoints and issues, so I’m always excited to hear what other people dealing with this issue think. Thanks so much for listening! xo, grace

“One of the most important things about being an expert is that you never want to stop learning. Even if this is your field of expertise, you’re always going to want to work to better yourself.” -Amy on After the Jump

“Be who you are, own who you are. There’s a real value in being relatable.”
-Grace on After the Jump

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