after the jump: ashley english interview (mp3)

I’m incredibly honored and lucky to work with the D*S team. I genuinely feel like we’re all friends and respect each other’s skills, ideas and goals. The only downside to having a team spread across the country is not getting to see them in person as much as I’d like. But every now and then one of them comes to town, and I feel overjoyed to spend time with them and hear what they’ve been up to. Last week I heard from our resident green guru and Small Measures writer, Ashley English. She was traveling to Brooklyn for a quick trip, and I jumped at the chance to have her on air to talk about green living, homesteading and her latest series of books.

Yesterday I was thrilled to be joined not only by Ashley but also her husband, Glen, and their adorable son, Huxley. Together we spoke about her background, her transition from an office job to freelancer and the beginning of her life as a homesteader on 11 beautiful acres outside of Asheville, NC. Ashley had great advice and insight about the “hipsterfication” of the DIY movement (and how to make it actually stick) and ways in which living greener could be easier and more accessible for everyone. I hope you’ll take a moment to listen to her interview. As always, Ashley left me feeling inspired to make more small changes to live a greener and more sustainable life. Thanks to Ashley, Glen and Huxley for joining me! xo, grace

“I think if you give people the opportunity, information, and resources and use an open and friendly approach, people tend to move toward that approach [green living].”

“Food is the great democratic unifier. It crosses all divides — race, gender, socioeconomic, and political status.”

— Ashley English on After the Jump

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Robin Plemmons

This was great. I just love Ashley’s passion & sincerity. She leads by example without an ounce of pretentiousness. She inspires me to value community over convenience when it comes to what I ingest. I’m making small changes. I mean, just yesterday I resisted buying a bag of chocolate donuts & opted for seasonal apples instead. That’s progress.