Bohemia Playing Cards

I’ve never been a big card player. If you’re an only child, you might understand the lack of multiplayer games in my life; it can be tough to get a rowdy game of Uno going when you’re on your own. While I always preferred a heated round of Skip-It on our driveway to card games, I can still totally appreciate the beauty of card designs. I grew up with a classic set that belonged to my grandfather, but it’s been fun to see contemporary design and art studios take on the task of updating or modernizing the classic deck. These “Bohemia” cards by Uusi were inspired by both 17th-century baroque artwork and contemporary urban street art. I love the watercolor-like flourishes in the designs; they give the cards a slightly more elegant edge than your traditional red/black/blue set. Uusi based all 52 playing cards and jokers on hand-painted gouache illustrations and will be making this set available as part of a limited edition series currently being funded on Kickstarter (which is the new Etsy for me — my favorite place to support and discover great designers). I love seeing ideas from start to finish (in the stores), so if you want to learn more about the project, help fund it or just bookmark it for later, click here to check out the details online. Best of luck to the Uusi team with their funding! xo, grace

Image above: Card fronts on an uncut sheet, framed

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Image above: The backs of the cards, framed


I’m so happy to see these here this morning! Peter and Linnea are so unbelievably talented…this deck is just glimpse into their enormous creativity.

Mervi (tasselflower)

These are beautiful!

I get your lack of multiplayer games. I’m not the only child, but my both sisters are about 10 years older than me. So at a certain point of my life I in that way was the only child…

But I used to play cards with my dad. Sometimes we played poker with matches or peanuts. Kind of lame, but it’s how I learned the basics of poker and a certain appreciation on playing cards.

Thus I find these very alluring. Wouldn’t mind getting a deck myself.


I was an only child for years (10+ year gap between my brother and I) but I have to suggest that everyone learn how to play spoons. It is basically the easiest and most entertaining card game ever, and is great to have in your repertoire because everyone can learn the rules really quickly.


Thanks for the heads up D*S. I just pledged to get 2 decks and a poster!! Exxciitttedddd!


Grace – thank you so much for this awesome post! Playing card deck collecting tends to be the territory of men – until yesterday 95% of our backers were guys – but thanks to you and a lot of your wonderful readers, the women are giving them a run for their money over at Uusi’s Bohemia. Something tells me though that the guys won’t mind ;)


absolutely gorgeous!!! I’ve been so busy with school I haven’t been browsing this site lately & oh, I wish I had!! the uncut cards are amazing!! THANK you for posting!! I am getting a deck & a print from Uusi :)