by Kate Pruitt

I’m a huge fan of jewelry for arms and fingers, but in some ways I’m an even bigger advocate of designers who experiment with adding jewels to unexpected places: tacked up on walls, draped over chairs, tied onto bag handles and in the case of WSAKE, stuck into plants. After all, many jewelry pieces are like organic sculptures on a miniature scale, so why not use gems to decorate the home as well as the body?

The creative minds behind WSAKE are Anna and Waldemar Artmann, a father and daughter team based in Regensburg, Germany. Waldemar is a silversmith with 50 years of experience, and Anna is both a graphic designer and a jewelry maker. Together they’ve come up with a wonderful mix of simple, classic pieces, from hammered metal bowls to more unusual, innovative designs like the plant jewels. Each piece carries a hint of magic and mystery, and the collection as a whole is varied but with a unified, unique vision. I love it! — Kate

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