weekly wrap up + paula greif

Earlier this week, I was walking down Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg and came upon one of my favorite “never been inside” shops, Beautiful Dreamers. For some strange reason, every time I walked by the shop this summer it was closed or the shopkeeper was out for a moment. My spectacularly bad timing left me drooling at the window like a weirdo, but on Tuesday I finally made it inside the doors. And oh man did my business card get a workout. I found some amazing books for the office and fell completely in love with the amazing ceramics of Paula Greif. I’d seen Paula’s work around the internet but never in person. I can’t describe how stunning it is in person — each little detail, from the earthy patina to the wide organic shapes — is perfection. I love the way each vessel stands on a little pedestal and seems to grow up naturally from any surface. The glazes and patterns are almost too pretty to cover up, but I immediately took these back to the office to turn into planters. If you’re someone who covets ceramics like I do, Paula Greif’s work is a must, must see. While handmade ceramics often come with a (understandably) higher price tag, I can attest that these are worth every penny. They’d make stunning sculptures on their own, but I can’t imagine any home that wouldn’t look good with one of these on the mantel, coffee table or kitchen counter. Click here to check out Paula’s work online and here to view her tumblr page with more work. Thanks to Beautiful Dreamers for stocking such a gorgeous (and incredibly well edited) collection. I’m heading off for the weekend, so I’ll see you on Monday! xo, grace

Photographs by Maxwell Tielman

More images of Paula’s ceramics after the jump . . .

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights: