weekly wrap up + kelly lasserre

It’s Friday! This week felt epically long for some reason so I am thrilled to finally be closing the laptop and getting ready to reunite with my best D*S buds, Amy and Kate who both come back into town today after European vacations. Before I pack up I wanted to share these adorable drawings from Brooklyn artist Kelly Lasserre.

Kelly creates these sweet drawings of shoes, food and inanimate objects that seem to come to life with a playful spirit. I’d love to frame a small group of these in an office as an inspiration wall. They’re a great reminder than everyday objects can sometimes be the most beautiful. Click here to check out all of Kelly’s work for sale on her Etsy shops.

I’m heading out for the weekend- I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

More images of Kelly’s drawings continue after the jump…


Just a quick question….

How do you get your amazing drawings digital?? Thanks


Wow I love them! They are so inspiring. I wish I could draw like that. The color is also amazing. Well, have to go and draw some more now :D

Jamie Herzlinger

I love these little sketches…so fun and vibrant! I wish I could draw like this. I especially like the eraser…so many childhood memories. Love this post!

Love, Jamie Herzlinger


Love Kelly’s style. I’m always looking for great artwork like that. Thanks for introducing us to her work!