watercolor tea towels

I’ve always had a soft spot for watercolor anything,¬†mostly because when I was an art major in college, I was terrible with watercolors. The things I can’t do well always intrigue me the most, so whenever I see a beautiful, well-executed watercolor detail, I catch myself “ooohh”-ing out loud. These beautiful tea towels at Terrain ($28) were inspired by original paintings by Betsy Olmstead. Each is printed with eco-friendly dyes onto cotton towels that measure roughly 21″ x 14″ and are machine washable. After years of super bold graphic towels, I’m ready to embrace something a little softer, so this might go on my holiday wishlist. Until then, I’ll continue drooling over them here and here. xo, grace


These are really beautiful! AND- if you’re making some light sauce or something, your wiped up spills can look like part of the towel’s design (maybe??).
Also did you see Terrain’s styled pumpkins and gourds? There are some good DIYs in there!


I love these, thank you for sharing. I’ve been on the hunt for sweet white tea towels with color. I’ve found some lovely pieces on etsy so far. My goal is to reduce my paper towel usage so I’ve filled a drawer in my kitchen with pretty cloth napkins and towels. Although everyone warned me against white, I haven’t had any issues with a white background. I’m even sticking one in my home lunch bag to the office now too.


I believe I saw her stuff at the philly Art Star Craft Bazaar. So pretty.