vintage inspiration: peach floral pots

These peach planters were one of the things Grace and I brought home from the Mother’s Day trip to Brimfield this spring. Not only did we love the lady-like shade of peach, but we also loved just how old they felt. The dealer said they were 18th-century French, and they’ve certainly been around the block — there are huge ceramic staples on the inside, and cracks are visible on the outside. The imperfections only made us love the planters more. We were in the midst of setting up the Design*Sponge office and had purchased a lot of new furniture, so it felt right to bring something really old to offset all the newness in the space. My imaginary living space would be filled with objects in shades of peach, pink and blues. I’d love to sit in this space with a nice cup of tea . . . I’m feeling more relaxed already. — Amy Azzarito

Photographs by Maxwell Tielman

Image above, clockwise from left: Light Pink Cushion, $250; Recycled Mat, $37.08; Calcite Printed Silk Journal, $57; Banded Glass Table Lamp, $348; Loll Side Table, $295; White Matchbox, $7; Lee Industries Sofa, (price available upon request); Paule Marrot Pink Maze Artwork, $1400

Image above, paint colors from right to left: Benjamin Moore’s Peach Blossom 2175-50, Rosewood 2082-40, In the Twilight 1434, Smoke 2122-40 (I took a photo of the vase using the Benjamin Moore iPhone app to come up with the paint color)

Image above, clockwise from left: Embroidery Print Scarf, $96; Marabou Brooch, $18.54; Air Plant Pod, $11; Thermal Vase, $70; Lena Overdyed Organza Pillow, $95; Elements Rectangle Bean Bag, $595; Garden Armchair, $228; Sempe Clampe Desk Lamp, $500; Peach Fade Vessel, $46


Gorgeous! Any idea when we might get a peek inside the Design*Sponge office? I confess I am dying of curiosity.


I’d even consider pulling out the brighter blue (perhaps a cobalt?) like you did with the pink. lovely!

Amy Azzarito

Hi Lara! Soon! I promise! We have a few more finishing touches before it’s ready for prime time! :) xo Amy


Thanks Amy! Really looking forward to it. Also, so enjoying your conversation with Grace on the podcast right now.

Amy Azzarito

Hi Lara! Aaack! That makes me nervous! :) Hope I didn’t sound too kooky! xo

Rita | Miss Antique

Beautiful planters, although I wouldn’t say they are 18th century, probably late 19th century. Still wonderful! Can’t wait to see Design Sponge headquarters!