vintage inspiration: orange crane tin

It’s funny how little details like the perfect color, a worn patina or subtle curves can make you fall in love with an object instantly. For me, it was a perfect storm of all three factors that made me hit “buy” on this vintage orange tin that I found at Etsy. I was cruising the site aimlessly looking for some old tins for flower arrangements, and this guy just felt right: my favorite color, a little bit of age and just the right shape. I scooped it up, and it’s been sitting on my office desk for what feels like ages, just waiting to be used. So rather than continue waiting for the perfect flowers (and to fix the hole in the bottom), I decided to write/gather a little ode to my vintage tin in product form. I hope you’ll enjoy the festival of orange, metallic and crane-inspired detailing. xo, grace

Photographs by Maxwell Tielman

Image above, clockwise from top left: Raw vintage tolix chair $795, Latte bowls $20, Aisai Pendant $898, Platinum bird bowl $188, Strapped Travel Blanket $395, Pop rocks glass $14, Dior polish is coral $23, Desert Sun studs $58, Tawi Curtain $208, Glitter loafers $85, Antique persimmon vases $1760, Apollo Vase $49.95, Paper Crane necklace (similar option)

Image above, clockwise from top left: Handmade paper $7.50, Mercury glass knob $8, Snake Tablets $75, Le Versha Chair $248, Burnt Orange Feather Headdress $725, Tart server $18, Stork Scissors $3.90, Moroccan Pouf $275, Lanvin Clutch $2350 (swoooon), Orange wool throw $150

To Wear: Five Pocket Jean $60, Ann Mashburn Shirt $175, Silver Clogs $145, PS1 Suede Bag $1695, Sunglasses by The Row $445


Although you can click the Etsy link to find out. It is a tea tin if anyone wanted search for something similar.


It’s lovely! And you may not need to fix the hole- I used vintage tea tins for the flower arrangements for my wedding- I cut off the bottoms of plastic yogurt containers and water bottles to insert inside to protect the metal. Added a bit of floral foam and they worked great!

Grace Bonney


oh that’s a great idea! my tea tin opening is TINY so i can’t fit one in, but that would be a great solution if you can fit it in :)


Jocelyn Pascall

Loving all of that orange! And what a perfect time of year to bring it out. I recently saw a baby girl’s room that was decorated in pale, pale orange, turquoise and white. It was so beautiful and so different and it really got me thinking about orange lately!


I had that tin in my etsy favorites hoping to buy it and suddenly it was gone, ahaha! Solsticehome always has wonderful stuff. It’s good to see that is in good hands :) that tawi curtain and that handmade paper are to die for, perfect for Autumn. Autumn means orange, browns and greens to me.


I have a similar tin from a flea market in Lyon, France. It’s a vintage tea can and read “thé” on the side. I think it was imported from Asia. This tin can reminds me of it.

Frances Hunt

It’s not unusual for orange to be the “in” colour as autumn has begun and all of the trees are beginning to transform from that lovely green to the oranges, maroons, and browns. It’s a great colour and amazing how you drew inspiration from such a small and delicate tin.


This is awesome! I love the idea of taking small special items like this or even great photos to draw inspiration from for my design boards! This is a superb example! Great job!