Uniforma Collection by Little Paper Planes

It’s funny how small the world can seem sometimes. I recently discovered that not only does Kelly Lynn Jones, artist and creator of Little Paper Planes, live in Oakland, but she also lives almost down the street from me! I’m thrilled to have such a talented, cool lady living nearby. I’m hoping that if we hang out more, I’ll acquire some of her curatorial wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit by osmosis. Her most recent endeavor is launching a new line of small leather goods in fun, punchy colors.

The Uniforma Collection has three styles: pocket wallets, camera straps and art pouches. All are made of genuine lambskin with brass hardware and come in cucumber, watermelon and blueberry. My favorite is the art pouch (shown above), a clever and unusually shaped purse that unfolds to reveal a series of pockets and sleeves. You can see the whole collection here, and be sure to check out Kelly’s other ingenious idea over at Little Paper Planes: The Big Exclusives. It all makes me desperate to sneak back into art school. — Kate

Kelly Lynn Jones

Awww!! Kate!! Thanks so much for your kind words and posting about UNIFORMA!!! AND YES, drinks at Adesso ASAP!!!! Thanks again, means a lot that you guys like the new line!! xoxoxo