tigris carpet

I love the idea of animal rugs (because I love animal imagery at home) but hate the idea that any animal would have to give its life for them. So I’ve never owned or really wanted one. Until I saw this Tigris carpet at Plumo. It’s an animal rug . . . but only in stylized woven form. Created by Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day (her home tour is always a favorite of mine), this 100% wool carpet is woven with a tiger design in rich cream and brown colors. I love the little cream tufts at the end, and this rug would be adorable at the foot of a child’s bed. Click here to check out the rug in more detail and order ($755) online. Each rug is handwoven in Tunisia and measures approximately six by four. xo, grace


Grace, any info about the awesome stools pictured above? I love those, too!


I think these originally came from Tibet. There’s a tradition of “tiger” rugs – even shaped like a tiger skin. If you search “Tibetan tiger rug” and check the images…some really drool-worthy ones.


Hi there, thank you for your comments. And thank you Grace for posting :)

Just wanted to ad that the Otis carpet is inspired by Josef Frank’s carpet. It’s also inspired by other tigris carpets and by Tibetan tiger rugs. So there are similarities with several. Josef Frank him self was inspired by Tibetan tiger rugs. Franks rug is of course the most known one. But it might be a bit unfair just to mention the similarity with
the Frank rug.