Knitted Interior Products by Melanie Porter

by Kate Pruitt

Every year, I relish the arrival of fall, when the design world turns its focus from beachy stripes and airy linens to rich jewel tones and thick, chunky yarn. It doesn’t matter how many times I live through this transition — I always jitter with delight when I see the newest crop of big knits. These particular pieces, which will premiere at Tent London this month, are by Melanie Porter, a UK-based textile designer who brings a contemporary spin to the traditional craft of knitting.

Melanie’s super chunky Hugo cushions (shown above) are made from hand-prepared British wool and dyed in a beautiful range of  deep, saturated hues. She also knits and felts wool into fabric, which she uses to transform lamps, chairs and vintage furniture pieces into explosions of texture and color. As someone who would seriously consider living in an all-knit world (knit walls! knit tables! knit doors!), I am a huge fan of Melanie’s playful take on the traditional craft. — Kate

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  • I adore these! Big knits are the first thing I think of when football season starts! Weird, right? In fact i just bought $100 worth of yarn last night! Now I am completely inspired!!

  • I’ve had two skeins of super chunky off-white yarn around forever. I’d thought about knitting pillow covers but was worried if I didn’t have enough for both sides that it would look awkward. But some of these seem to only be knitted one side and look pretty good. Guess this is my push to finally get on that…

  • Love large-scale knit objects! Even without the color blasts, they add interesting texture to neutral decors. I may have to hunt down some huge knitting needles and reacquaint myself with the basics of knitting and purling that I abandoned after long ago. (Or buy a large-scale knit men’s sweater from a thrift store and repurpose it into pillows and lampshades.)

  • Any idea where to find skeins of this over-sized chunky wool, or if it has a special name?

  • Wow what yarn, never seen anything like it before, I think I’ll bye some and learn to make something, I’m sure there are patterns out there, thanks

  • These pillows give such great texture and visual interest, I love how they are perfectly un-organized ! This is a great way to add something more organic to an interior which lets say has clean, simple lines and needs a little something extra.

  • Suzanne and Paodepoof,

    I’m going to try making this using Cascade’s Magnum yarn. Not sure if it’s as bulky as the yarn used in the blankets, but it’s a super-bulky yarn that I hope will come out close.

    The super-kind folks on ravelry tell me that this looks like the blackberry stitch. So I’m going to start there. Hope that this helps.

  • I believe she’s using “Combed Top” instead of yarn for those really big pieces. It’s a wool preparation that spinners use to make yarn either by hand or in a mill. She’s probably using BFL or Blue Faced Leicester combed top and there are a lot of people on etsy selling just that to the handspinning market.

  • Dimply beautifully!! What’s the name/brand of this chunky yarn? Where can I purchase it?