kaleido trays

by Grace Bonney

This year I’ve decided I’m going to stop talking about wanting to do things and start actually doing some of them. One of those things is entertaining. I grew up in a home where friends and family were always welcome, so the idea of creating a space where people gather and catch up has always been something I’ve wanted. But work and other obligations always seemed to take precedence. Not any more. I finally understand what makes for a good gathering (and a happy — not harried — hostess): simple food, simple decor and good friends. I’ve finally got a few recipes under my belt that feel like go-tos, so now seems like the right time to invest in some pieces that I can use to serve my guests. I typically go for something neutral or natural, but these super modern metal trays at APlusR are going right to the top of my holiday wishlist. Designed by graphic designer-turned-product designer Clara von Zweigbergk, each one comes in a great geometric shape and bright color that you can combine into different formations. Sadly it says they’re not intended for food (argh!), but I would feel safe laying a sheet of wax paper on top so I could separate the food and metal. But if you aren’t convinced that’s safe enough, you could always use them for wrapped candy, grouped food in bags, party favors or organizing drinks. The colors are too gorgeous to pass up — that combination below is definitely still my color combo of choice. I don’t know if I’ll ever let that peachy watermelon color go. Click here to check out all the tray shapes and colors and order online. Prices range from $17–$84 per tray. Happy entertaining! xo, grace

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