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11 Summer Berry Desserts

by Kristina Gill

WOW. Summer just flew by. I can’t say it went particularly fast because it was so hot every day and from so early on that all I’ve done since is ask when the heat will be over! It is finally a normal summer temperature where I live (with no end in sight), but you can still find a few raspberries at the market and blackberries on the vine. But I realize that for many of you, now may be your last chance to snap up some of the seasonal fruit, which will soon be replaced in markets by pears, apples and autumn bounty. I looked through our archives and saw that many of our guests have loved berries, so I thought I’d round up our best berry desserts. If you have a fruit that you think would fit better in these desserts, try it out and let us know about it! — Kristina

Images above and below: Molten-Center Chocolate Cake with Blackberry Sauce by Italy-based Justyna Miziolek

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Absolutely one of the most beautiful pies I’ve ever seen was featured earlier this summer. This recipe for a Blackberry Balsamic Pie with Sea Salt Walnut Crumble comes from food stylist and creator of PieBox, Adrienne Blumthal.

A few years ago, Swedish ceramicist Karin Eriksson shared the perfect summer dessert to help beat the heat: Meringue and Raspberry Ice Cream Cake.

Crumpets anyone? British food personality Rachel Khoo’s Crumpets with Raspberry and Long Pepper Curd can go well into fall. What’s not to love about starting the day with a toasty crumpet as the weather cools?

Montreal-based art director and food stylist Christelle knocked our socks off with her Raspberry and Rosewater Cheesecake. If you love raspberries and cheesecake, you’ll love this.

Stacy Newgent brought us a recipe from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home for Sweet Corn and Raspberry Ice Cream. I wish they had flavors like this at my usual gelaterie!

Food stylist Dani Fisher has brought some of the tastiest recipes to the column. Her Ricotta Cheesecake asks nothing more than to be topped with your favorite fruit. She chose beautiful blackberries.

Lena Corwin’s recipes are always among our readers’ favorites. Her Fresh Fruit Cake is a cake for all seasons, starting with late summer berries.

Tess Darrow, designer and founder of Egg Press, brought us a Dutch Baby, which is similar in versatility to the fruit cake Lena shared. She makes a quick raspberry preserve to top her Dutch Baby. If you hurry, you could make preserves, too, and extend the season (at least in your pantry) a bit longer!

Food blogger Tim Mazurek of Lottie + Doof shared a simple dessert of Blackberry Napoleons made with Orange Shortbread Wafers. So simple, yet so good. His recipe was adapted from a recipe by Claudia Fleming.

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