Human/House/Harvey: Stainless Steel

HHH: stainless-steel Without fail, whenever I think of stainless steel, my thoughts wander to visions of professional kitchens and pristine environments. But even though stainless steel is typically associated with sterile imagery, I think that when paired with the right decor and accessories, the stainless steel look can have a very stylish effect. I would love to add the above items to my personal collection and mix things up a bit. — Stephanie

HUMAN — Lately, I have been in the mood to throw a fabulous fall dinner party for my friends. I think this flatware set would look stunning next to some crisp white dinnerware and a harvest floral centerpiece.

HOUSE — Organization is key to my sanity, but so is style. I think this steel photo filing cabinet is the perfect combo and would sit pretty in my new office.

HARVEY — Stainless steel is one of the cleanest surfaces to peel your pets off of, and this solid molded set of bowls found on fit perfectly into just about any modern kitchen.

Patina and Company

Beautiful and unique, as always! I don’t think I’ve seen a photo filing cabinet before, and it’s nice someone thought of that in this age of digital (unreliable) photo storage. If only there were a similar recipe card file!