Human/House/Harvey: Cardboard

Human House Harvey, cardboard
We are a household that takes recycling very seriously.  Even Mr. Harvey does his part with his biodegradable poop bags.  So needless to say, I love it when you can find products that are made from either recycled materials or textiles that are recyclable. So I’ve rounded up some eco-friendly cardboard items for myself, my home and my pup, Mr. Harvey! –Stephanie

HUMAN – I am kind of obsessed with picnics.  There is just something so charming and lovely about sitting outdoors with friends, a blanket and some delicious treats.  But it wouldn’t be complete without an adorably packed picnic basket.  The one above is currently sold out (of course it would be), but I think it is worth the wait until they restock that fully-recyclable bad boy!

HOUSE – Even though I am not one for the glamourous aesthetic, I can definitely get behind this adorable cardboard chandelier. It’s recyclable and energy efficient!

HARVEY – Mr. Harvey is not a dog bed lover (he may even be a hater seeing how he has already eaten, count ‘em, two previous dog beds).  But, I think that this unconventional cardboard lounger from the innovators at Molo might just change his perspective.

||| tara |||

i just have to say, i have been a loyal design*sponge follower for a couple years now and this is my favorite series of posts. keep them coming, they are so much fun!


Thank you so much Tara! That really means a lot :) I love bringing you this column on the weekly!