Human/House/Harvey: Blue Patterns

human/house/harvey blue patternI’ve always been a solids girl: solid rugs, solid sweaters, solid bedding. There are, however, occasional moments when I find a pattern that I can’t resist. As of late, I have been riding on the blue train and am loving a lot of the blue-patterned items I am noticing. So for today’s Human/House/Harvey, I have rounded up some blue-patterned items for me, my home and my Mr. Harvey. — Stephanie

HUMAN — As a California resident, it’s usually a choice between slip-ons or flip-flops on any given day. For my choice of slip-on, I prefer the colorful and comfortable Soludos style, and this blue ikat pair is calling my name.

HOUSE — I’ve been renovating and redecorating my space for a couple months now, and I’m having such a hard time committing to an office chair. But when I came across this lovely blue lady, I thought it was definitely worth saving up for.

HARVEY — Both eco-friendly and perfectly patterned, this dog bed would look stellar sitting next to my bed.