gilt knobs

Last week during the break, I flew home to visit my family. While walking around the house, I found myself constantly impressed with my mom’s hardware choices in the bathroom and kitchen. She recently decided to swap them all out for new styles, and the results were understated but still noticeable and beautiful (she found some gorgeous hardware at Brimfield this spring). It made me consider finally swapping out some of the hardware in my own apartment, albeit for something a little more contemporary. When I first saw these knobs online, I thought they were sleek, modern jewelry, but they’re actually brass knobs! I love how organic and sleek they feel. They’re a nice change from the vintage I typically gravitate toward, and when I get tired of them, it would be fun to cut off the bolt and turn it into a pin or piece of actual jewelry. Click here, here and here to check out all three styles. Each one is 2″ wide and $14, so they’d be great for a small project where you only need a few to make a big impact. xo, grace