emily isabella

Anything that reminds me of Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, Georgia is a good thing. Cheryl and Griff’s bakery feels like a warm & welcoming family kitchen in a city that has always felt like a second home to me. So when I saw that artist and SCAD alum Emily Isabella dedicated two cards to them, I immediately added them to my wishlist. Back in the Day Bakery is known for topping their delicious Old Fashioned cupcakes with tiny plastic ballerinas, so the second I saw that card I was instantly transported back to my first visit there in 2007 when I ate what must have been half of my body weight in tasty baked goods. Emily celebrated not only the bakery’s treats but the bakers themselves in the card below. Cheryl and Griff are seriously the two nicest people I know, so to see them smiling back at me on a card warms my heart. Thanks to Emily for designing the cutest baker cards on the block. Click here to check them out (along with the cute tea towels below!) and shop online. xo, grace

Frances Hunt

What a pretty card. I would love to experience these cupcakes that have miniature figures of ballerinas perched on top of them. They not only sound yummy but fun!

What I’d like to know is were the cards hand made or were they printed from Photoshop because they look really well made from what I can see?

Nancy Cox

I have been to Back in the Day Bakery and I fell in love with it- as I did Savannah.
Yes, these cards bring back wonderful memories of that enchanting town.

Emily’s design sense is extraordinary. I love her work!