debbie carlos poster shop

I’ve really learned to embrace large-form artwork. I’ve been talking about it for a while now, but after years and years of tiny asymmetrical gallery walls being all the rage, I’m ready for something bigger and simpler. I sold all of my smaller print/poster artwork a few years ago when I moved, so I’ve been working with a (refreshing) blank slate. But I’m slowly adding to it, starting with this huge print from Sam Kweskin that I have framed over my couch. Larger-form artwork does much of the heavy lifting when it comes to room decor, but sadly, it usually comes with a pretty high price tag. Thankfully these posters at Debbie Carlos’ shop are an affordable alternative. Her shop stocks color and black and white prints that are 36″ x 48″, a great scale for anyone looking to make a statement on one big wall. The prices range from $40–$60, so if you’re looking to get a big bang for your buck, click here to check out all of Debbie’s options online. My favorites are here, here, here, here and here. xo, grace

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It’s so funny to see these. I’m a GIS analyst and hobby photographer. I have multiple large scale plotters (36 inch) that I can plot to and I often print out my own pics in large format:)


Love these! Especially the big size – 36×48. How would you hang it up (other than spending a fortune on a custom frame)? On the website, the seller says she uses bulldog clips. Other ideas?


Another fan of Debbie here. I have both the Perfect Twist (in the large size) and the Flowers print (in the smaller size) and I love them. I use binder clips to hang them from the top, but I’m a fan of the unfinished/unframed look.


LOVE the rose poster! This is great for our (floral) studio space! We just moved so we’ve got a lotta blank wall space!