current obsessions: mirrored subway tile

Sometimes I see something in a press release that catches my eye but has nothing to do with the product being promoted. In an email I got last week from The Colour Flooring Company (promoting that pretty pink flooring above), I noticed some mirrored subway tiles that I quickly became obsessed with. As I mentioned earlier this week, I can’t tile at home. But man, can I dream about it. I could see these mirrored subway tiles going wrong really quickly, but used in a minimal, sophisticated bathroom (especially with pink details), they could be absolutely divine. Seriously, I would be happy as all get out to call that bathroom above mine. If you can tile your home, I found some mirrored subway tiles for sale below. Until then, I’ll be hunting down more images of this done well. If you have any pictures of your own, I’d love to see them! xo, grace

Image above: Mirrored subway tiles at Susan Jablon, $16.82 per sq. ft.

Image above by Barthelemy Ifrah Architects via Kitchen Clarity


These are so interesting, I don’t know about the whole wall, but I do love the tub wall with the pink floor.


Gorgeous! Love, lovvvve that look! I tried tiling my foyer with 12″ mirrored tiles on the diagonal. 8 tiles in, I had to abort the mission. It did not look like the pic I pulled from the magazine. What was I thinking? I ended up with Designer’s Guild wallpaper…. Much better.


we have a bit of this in our kitchen – but it’s more textured, and only in small squares. I love how the light bounces of it, and just gives a bit of bling ;)


This made me gasp out loud! Wow. Makes me wish I had my own place so I could do this somewhere…

Sacred & Profane Designs

Looks great but I would use on a small surface. Though the kitchen looks glamorous, I bet the mirror will be very tiring for the eye if you spend some time in the room.


Well, I know what my bathroom is going to look like now. I’ve been telling my boyfriend he better get ready for my pretty princess bathroom renovation, and this is IT. <3 <3 <3


When I see subway tile, I see, well, a subway. Eww. Anyone who has logged as many hours on New York City Transit as I have could not bear to have subway tile in her own home. But the disco mirror does improve things considerably!

Susan romano

We just used a similar tile but in stainless as our kitchen backsplash… Reminds me of this a bit. We love it

Meghan @ Making Love In the Kitchen

LOVE! What a splendid idea! I’ve always had a soft spot for subway tile- but mirrored?! They can reflect the ridiculous amounts of colour I surround myself with. Now, where to put them…if not everywhere??

Jess @ The Bungalow Project

I’ve see the stainless steel in the same size, but mirrored! I absolutely LOVE this. Your right though, it could go wrong in a hurry, but with simplicity…so chic!


I’ve been thinking about doing this on a wall in my kitchen that needs to reflect some light, but I think I’m going to do silver leaf subways instead. I wish I could afford Ann Sacks’ Visage tile (which is distressed, which is much easier on the eye) but it is a crazy price ($85/foot, I think)


I have a friend who’s Aunt has what we called a “Disco Ball Bathroom”. It was covered on 3 sides by 2″ square floor-to-ceiling mosaic tiles with a dark painted cabinet. It was fabulous.

Melanie Gross

I can’t seem to find any mirrored subway tiles anywhere. Anyone know where I can buy them?