Crowd Candlesticks by David Taylor

Meet Angela, Sid and Kevin: three beautiful weirdos that are just warming my heart. I’m pretty sure that by this point, I’ve given myself away as a helpless anthropomorphizer, so finding another designer who likes to assign personalities to his creations makes me so happy. According to David, the idea behind “Crowd” is that the group of about 30 candlesticks will constantly change; as one piece leaves, he will create another individual to take its place, always ensuring that the pieces are unique and complex enough to stand alone as well as they do amongst their “colleagues.”

My love of giving objects names aside, I really appreciate that David is turning the tables on both serial production and one-of-a-kind creations by fusing the ideas in an interesting way, and I love how the visual dynamic of the group will evolve over time as pieces come and go. “Crowd” will be exhibited next month in Copenhagen’s Gallery Montan, but to find out more information, you can visit David’s site here. Sid, Angela and Kevin: I love you. — Kate


These candlesticks are wonderful! Just saw Brancusi’s atelier in Paris and the combination of materials in the crowd took me right back there. I love the balance of each piece.