cisthene gem scarves

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the official opening of Jen Altman’s new shop, Cisthene. This week the e-doors were officially opened, and I’m so excited to get a more detailed look at the amazing scarves that Jen is making and selling. Using photographs from her incredible book, Gem and Stone: Jewels of Earth, Sea and Sky, Jen prints images onto crêpe de chine silk to create richly colored scarves. At 48″ x 48″, they’re a generous size and perfect for adding a little drama to your evening (or day) outfit. I’m sadly not much of a scarf wearer, but I would hang or frame one of these on a wall in a heartbeat. Jen currently has three styles for sale, and each one is stunning. You can check them out in more detail and order online ($225 each) right here. xo, grace


These scarves remind me how much of nature has yet to be captured in art. I’m thinking we humans have only scratched the surface when it comes to bringing art to our paintings, clothings, home decor, etc. It’s such a humbling thought.


If you like these, then check out Professor Richard Weston’s scarves which are sold at Liberty’s. I think he originated the technique of scanning gems and printing them on scarves and the results are really amazing.


the scarves are beautiful, but i am somewhat disappointed in the layout of the actual book. i bought it based on the pre-sale review you gave it here and once i received, it i was a little let down. the photos themselves are beautiful, but the text on the opposing page each time distracts from their beauty. i would have much preferred if there were several pages of full-bleed photos in a row and then a few pages of text. much like art books tend to do. it would really showcase the photos better. i wish i could have seen it before i bought it. i wouldn’t have bought it!


These are a copy of weston scarves, and they seem to compromise in quality as well. Don’t think its wise to encourage disregard for due credit and originality.

Grace Bonney


they’re not a copy, plain and simple. these scarves are based on jen’s original photography. while weston scarves are indeed lovely, the concept of someone putting photography onto scarves (or other clothing) has existed far longer than either of these artists. and i’m not sure how you can question quality without seeing them in person?