captain smith tiles from grow house grow

I love it when designers move from one medium to another. When I heard about Katie Deedy from Grow House Grow’s expansion into ceramic tiles, I knew they would be beautiful, and after seeing them in person, I was even more impressed. Katie’s latest tile design is a continuation of her Captain Smith pattern, inspired by the legendary captain of the Titanic. Featuring a rare Grimpoteuthis (also known as the Dumbo Octopus), this pattern is now available as eco-friendly encaustic tiles. These tiles are also known as Cuban tiles because of their popularity throughout Cuba over the past 150 years. Katie’s family is Cuban, so she’s happy to carry that connection into her work. If you’re interested in checking out Grow House Grow’s new tiles, click here to view the Captain Smith line. Each tile is made to order, so you can customize your order if you have a specific request. xo, grace


Wondering if the site is down – it’s scrolling off like it’s overwhelmed by my presence. Maybe it can sense how much I want those tiles ;)

Katie Deedy

Oh, I’m sorry Leslie! I just checked the site and it should be fine…let me know if you’re having any more trouble!