Canvas Storage Bags at Serax Maison D’Etre

I love pots, but it’s really cool to see the different ways you can house a plant besides the classic clay vessel. I’ve seen smaller plants inside vintage cans, rubber boots and books; larger plants inside boxes, crates and baskets — and now these lovely canvas bags. Really, who needs a pot? These gorgeous canvas storage bags designed by Marie Michielssen for Serax Maison D’Être can be used for far more than just holding plants, though, and I’m already coveting the whole collection.

There have been plenty of striped bags before, but what really sets these apart for me are the wonderfully unusual color pairings, which feel sporty, urban, vintage and bohemian all at the same time. Fun and versatile, these bags would make wonderful gifts, ones you know would never go unused. To find out more about the collection, including where the bags will be available for purchase, you can visit the Serax site here. I’m heading out to bag some plants. — Kate

Emily E.

Wow– are those round spiky plants in the third photo also ‘Mother-in-law’s tounge’? I’ve only seen the flat wide variety like the three large plants in the first photo!


i love these. but their website is a bit of a nightmare. do you know any shop that sells these online in the us?

Tessa Cooper

At Big Red Sun in Austin Texas we sell them at our boutique, as well as other products from Serax. Unfortunately though, we do not have a online shopping option as we are so small. If you are ever in Austin, please stop by and check us out!

Tessa Cooper

I believe the photos in the last photo are Sansevieria cylindrica (also know as Skyline Spear, or African Spear Sansevieria I think)

Monica Sykora

I want to know what keeps puddles from forming on my floor when I water these things.

Tessa Cooper

Monica ~ they do have plastic liners you can insert in them to make them non permeable. In our nursery, we have planted directly in the canvas pot, without the liner and just water carefully. (they are on glass tables instead of wood.)



I think if you use different types of storage items as pots it might make for a pretty eclectic type of garden! Very Alice in Wonderland even if you choose items that are whimsical enough like the boot and maybe a hat…