Cabin-Time Roaming Artist Residency

We all daydream, and I’m sure that you, like me, have some go-to fantasies that you return to over the years, embellishing and adapting them over time. I surely share this particular one with many people: When life is majorly stressing me out, I dream of sneaking off to a cabin in the woods, where everything is quiet — no phone, no internet, just water and trees. I’ve decided to adapt my daydream a bit: What’s better than a cabin settled in some remote forested land and shared with a small group of friendly artists and likeminded creatives, cooking our dinners over a fire and spreading out our art supplies on a worktable we probably built ourselves? This dream seems like the reality of Cabin-Time, and I desperately want to apply.

Cabin-Time Art Camp is a roaming creative residency to remote places with a focus on creating site-specific work and making the most of the area’s natural surroundings. The residency is open to creatives of all kinds: artists, designers, photographers, writers, musicians, craftspeople, scientists, cartographers, bird-watchers, wood-workers, planners, organizers, schemers and dreamers. At the end of the weeklong residency, everyone’s work is exhibited, but even along the way the process of making is well documented. You can click here to see a documentary film from the most recent residency on Rabbit Island, a wild, 91-acre island in Lake Superior.

The landscape is so beautiful I want to cry, and combining the camaraderie of summer camp with the focus and isolation of an artist residency is ingenious. How could you not be inspired when you’re in such an amazing place? The upcoming residency locations have not yet been announced, but to keep updated, you can visit their site here. — Kate

See more images of Cabin-Time’s Art Camp after the jump . . .


Oh my GOSH! I want to do that, how amazingly inspiring it would be to get to be around all these other artists you don’t know…I can only imagine how much you learn about your own medium by being around these other creative people in such a beautiful environment.
Santha, if you’re listening? I’d love this for this for Christmas. (kind of joking, but not…)

La Domestique

This is such a great idea. It inspires me to me to make my own “cabin time.” An afternoon drive up into the mountains where I live might be a fun way to shake up my creative process. Great feature!


Thanks for giving me a new place to dream about…looks incredible!


Google: Paper Book Intensive–– summer camp for people who are interested or work in the paper or book arts.


I never went to camp as a kid but this definitely looks like something I could get on board with! So beautiful.

Also, I keep getting doubles of all of your posts in my blog lovin’ feed. I’m wondering if this is a problem anyone else is having?


Grand Marais, MN is such a beautiful place! So lovely to see the amazing work people have made through this experience.

ella birt

this is such a great topic/organization/WOW! the times are a changin’ for sure – i really feel creativity and community becoming more of a regular thing, and i attribute it to our great artists of all mediums and philosophers of the soul!!



I’m having the same problem-posts showing up two or three times in my feed. I reported it to Bloglovin’, but I have noticed it with a few other blogs at various times. For my feed it seemed to coincide with Bloglovin’s redesign, so I’m hoping it’s just a bug that will get fixed!

Grace Bonney


sorry to hear about that- we haven’t changed anything over here so i think it’s probably a bloglovin’ glitch :(



Wow… really reminds you of how important space is to your creative energy. Seems like the perfect place to get down and dirty, and be inspired.