blue willow iphone cases

Ok, I know this post might be a little ridiculous. Why do I want my phone to look like Blue Willow china? I have no idea, but I do. I was Googling around looking for Blue Willow tins when I came across these iPhone cases. I’m aware that you can stick just about anything on an iPhone case, but for some reason, I really love seeing such a traditional pattern on a modern device. Maybe it’s my inner old Southern lady, but I would slap this pattern on lots of things and be happy with it. If you’re looking for a little china pattern on your high-tech devices, click here and here to check out and shop ($15–$44 each) these styles online. xo, grace

More Blue Willow case options after the jump . . .

Image above: Case by Colin Thompson

Image above: Gold and Pink cases at Zazzle


Not ridiculous at all! I love it! (maybe in a somewhat kitschy kind of way, but still love them).


Oh man, I really want one of these – but no options for non iphones??


If possible my entire house would look like a museum of blue willow china, vases, flower pots, wallpaper, couches, lamps, anything and everything. I’m obsessed with this post! Currently on the hunt for 2 planters to go in the front of my house. Last year a nursery/flower shop on Avenue U in Brooklyn had the most amazing design and each pot had it’s own stand but I didn’t pull the trigger because I thought he was asking too much. Now I regret it everyday. Turns out the price was reasonable but he no longer has them. If anyone knows a great place to look please let me know. Many thanks.

Monica Rose

I love blue willow inspired items ,and have been going case-less on my iPhone for a few weeks now. This is the perfect solution, thanks for sharing!


Christina, you can get the Blue Willow pattern for almost any phone at And laptops and Kindles and headphones, too!


My Blue & White Italian china collecting mother would love this!! But she has an android :( Are there any similar cases for android users?


love them all! making my craft room all chinoiserie style right now…

my hyggelig

that’s the beauty of apple – you don’t know why you want anything related to it, you just do, and you want it now! :) just wish someone made as cool android cases because yes, i love my android!


I love blue willow! I have two serving plates with that pattern, that I scored as a little added bonus when I bought my apartment.


These are really cute. However, did anyone check with Spode to see whether this is a copyright or trademark infringement? It’s one thing to make one for yourself by photographing a plate. It’s a whole different thing to be selling it to others.