black & white pillows

I’ve been working on updating my living room for fall. I’ve rearranged some furniture, painted and found a new rug, but my progress was stopped short by a pillow quandary. I wanted to do a huge mass of pillows on my silver-gray velvet sofa and had been leaning toward a bunch of kilim pillows (we did this in the office, and it looks pretty great), but then I got the souk rug from West Elm and started thinking about carrying the black and white of the rug to the sofa. I think a grouping of graphic black and white pillows could look pretty spectacular on any sofa. But now every time I look at my sofa, I have this refrain: kilim or black and white, kilim or black and white? Oh, small decisions. Don’t do this to me! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: 1. Fine Little Day Lines Pillow, $69; 2. Unison Sailor Small Rectangle Pillow, $40; 3. Fine Little Day Dotty, $69; 4. Sakana Pillow, $39.95; 5. Pillow Square, $45; 6. Varanasi 8″ x 12″ Pillow, $24.95; 7. Lappljung Ruta Pillow, $10

Image above: 1. Fine Little Day Zigzac Pillow, $69; 2. Hand-blocked Diamond Pillow, $31; 3. Bull’s Eye Pillow in Grey and Black, $110; 4. Stockholm Pillow, $12.99; 5. Varanasi Pillow, $39.95; 6. Prism Pillow, $48

kelly jo

black and white, black and white… *especially* since you already have kilim pillows at the office. go for a different feel at home, *especially* with that lush souk rug!


I love black and white….I love it especially in a zig-zag pattern ala Missoni, a pattern that’s easy to knit too. Here’s to black and white in all its permutations!


I love these all together! And perhaps you’ll be slower to get sick of these. I think I would be.


LOVE Bookhou here in Toronto (they made pillow #5). I just bought a tote with the same pattern two weeks ago.

Melissa Kojima

Wow. I love all these black and white pillow. Whatever you choose, Amy, I’m sure it will be great, so don’t sweat it. I love graphic patterns and am happy to see your round up of so many great pillows. Thanks.


can’t you mix the two (kilim and b&w)? that’s what i’m doing! BOOM

meg @ blahbloblog

Do both! When you get tired of the b&w, switch to the kilim and vice versa. Maybe Grace will let you borrow the office pillows for a weekend so you can see how they work in your space.

I made pillow covers recently–black & white on one side, bright colorful pattern on the reverse. I just flip them to suit my mood.

Suzi Dia (The Pillow Studio)

This post totally sums up why I LOVE pillows. You can totally transform a room with just the addition of a few pillows – such a small thing but such huge impact.
Please let us know what you decide!