bklyn larder posters

A few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for a Brooklyn-themed gift basket. As usual, I waited until the last minute, so the idea of taking a half dozen subways around town to find each component seemed inefficient and unappealing. Instead I found myself checking the online shops of local upscale delis and artisanal food shops. Brooklyn being the unofficial “everything‘s artisanal!” capital, there were at least 20 shops to check out on the first page of Google’s search results. I ended up choosing an overflowing basket of Brooklyn goodies sold through Bklyn Larder, a beautiful shop on Flatbush Avenue near Park Slope. While I weighed my options (Granola or chocolate? Preserves or chocolate? Who am I kidding — go with the chocolate.), I stumbled on these super cute food posters in the shop. Celebrating deli classics like beer, pastries, cheese, sandwiches, salumi and gelato (PS: Did you hear it’s official? Ice cream is addictive! Finally, science backs up one of my excuses.), these bright modern posters seem like the perfect fit for a kitchen in need of a little color. The gelato is my favorite, but the color palette of the salumi poster is pretty great, too. If you’re in the market for some new art for the kitchen (or any other room), click here to check out and shop ($20 each) Bklyn Larder’s food posters online. Happy eating (and decorating)! xo, grace

More food posters after the jump . . .


At first glance I thought this said “Bikini Larder,” which was…confusing. :)


I love these! And $20 is cheap enough to get the whole set for the kitchen or dining room! Anyone know how big these are? I don’t see the dimensions here or at the shop.


The salumi and cheese ones are pretty fabulous – might have to invest in them when we move in November!


Hello, très jolies les Affiches. Ma “Préférée” est…”Gelato” ! Je confirme…Ice cream sont répertoriées dans les Addictions !!
“…Trop injuste…!!”


just wanted to give the graphic designer credit – his name is Franz Hueber, and he is both a chef and graphic designer (he used to work at the Larder, hence the posters). One talented guy!