Art Prints from Society 6

I see so many incredible artworks flicker on and off my screen each day, and while I’m thankful for the exposure to such a wealth of creativity, it saddens me to know that I will never be in the presence of the actual piece. It’s easy to admire images online, but anyone who has flipped through the thick pages of an art book, admired the subtle reflective sheen on a crisp photographic print or walked around the curves and angles of a sculpture knows that there’s nothing like the real deal.

The ratio of physical to digital art consumption will never be balanced again I’m sure, but I want to do my small part toward enjoying art with all my senses. Luckily the prevalence of affordable prints and small artwork is making this goal much more attainable. Society 6 is a site I like to peruse often, not only for their stylish phone cases, but also for their art prints. They have some great new works available; the collection is diverse, but all pieces share a level of sophistication and mystery that I really like. These are some of my faves, but you can view the whole range of artwork and printed goods here. — Kate

andrea nicole

Wow, yeah. That ‘Everything In Its Place” illustration is outta this world. I just bought something from their site the other day…may be time to look again.


I’ve got to say that while I love the artwork that Society 6 offers, I recently ordered 2 framed prints for my husband’s birthday and the framing was absolutely terrible on both pieces. I would really advise against using their framing service.


I love the breadth and depth of Society 6’s collection, and I am always finding new works that I love. I have to order from them though…

@Jaclyn, I’m glad to hear a review of the framing service, as I’ve been recommending them to my clients as an affordable alternative to custom framing.

Rachel D.

These are great, but you should link to the artists directly! It’d be nice to be able to find some of the prints, and it’d be great exposure for the artists, too!


Stunning images! Can you tell us the artists? I often see work captioned only “Society 6,” which is such a shame. Art in the digital age, I guess.


Ya they do have some pretty cool designs, thinking of ordering a piece from them. Personally I’m a big fan of minimalism and modern contemporary art. I came across this site recently They have some really cool unique designs, I ordered a triptych from them a couple weeks ago, the piece was called Derive, it’s a 3d abstract image, loved how simplistic it was. Anywho, it was a little pricey but it was also fairly large, but I was very impressed with the quality of the actual canvas, packaging was really good too, well worth the money. Anyway, I’d definitely recommend anyone to check them out too.


Also had a bad experience with Society 6. It took 11 months(!) for me to receive my order. No apologies in correspondence or anything. Very disappointed.

Tracey Cameron

From an artists perspective, I’ve been using Society 6 for about 6 months and I’ve found using it a really positive experience. It’s not perfect, and one of it’s biggest faults is not having direct contact with you customers, but I would still recommend it to other artists.
For everyone’s FYI, Society 6 is offering free shipping on all orders until Sept 30th :)