animal love: swan

We ended last year with a peek of a California home that included a giant pool swan. All through the dark days of winter, thoughts of that pool swan stayed with me. This summer, I bought my own (and discovered a whole new world of inflatable animals), and it was even better than I had imagined. Two people could (and did!) fit comfortably on that swan. I read books on the swan while floating in a lake. The swan even took a ride behind a motorboat (with the rider using a ski rope). I can’t believe it’s finally time to sing a swan’s song to summer, but I’m not quite ready to let go of the swan. It may have to come home with me. — Amy Azzarito

P.S. You have to check out the Tim Walker swan photos — there’s one here and here. Worth the clicks, I promise.

Image above, clockwise from left: Swan Watering Can, $17.44; John Derian Paperweight Dome, $60; Swan Necklace, $120 (on sale!); Hansa Black Swan, $43.99; Swan Flight Lampshade, $88; Wall Swan, $695; Swan Door Knocker, $45; Vintage Swan Paperweights, $14 (There are a number of these on Etsy; just search for “brass swan.”); Swan Tray, $185

Image above: The New Antiquitarian Wallpaper designed by Hollister and Porter Hovey was inspired by the objects found in their own home. If you look closely, you can see a swan.

Image above: I love the abstract feel of the birds in this carpet. I’m feeling a little less warm toward the price (swan rug, $2498).


I got married a year ago to a Swanson, so I designed swan-themed invitations for our wedding day, bought gold swan flats from Urban Outfitters last winter, and have generally been attracted to swans ever since. thanks for this!


i love the swan lampshade. why do i have to love everything from anthropologie? are they tapping into our brains?


I clicked on the first link in the “P.S.” line where the swan photo was promised to “be worth it”.

Unhappy to see profanity there.

Amy Azzarito

Hi Beverly –
I’m sorry you upset by the language on that site. It was difficult to find a direct link to the Tim Walker photos. -Amy


I cannot agree more with the anthropologie comment… it makes me mad sometimes how much I love the things they offer.

Also, I’m dying to see a picture of the swan riding behind the motorboat.

Melissa Kojima

Wow. Gorgeous swan collection. The wallpaper is amazing. I’m loving the swan door knocker. More animal love please. Maybe since it’s Halloween Season, a black cat round up would be fun?!