10 Best Typography Apps

10 typography appsIf you are an avid graphic design lover like myself, you know how crucial typography is to creating great design. I could consume good type for days, and as of late, I have been doing just that through some incredible apps. This week, I’ve decided to share some of this typographic wealth by rounding up a few of my favorite typography apps on My Life Scoop. Click here to read the full post and enjoy the graphic beauty with me! — Stephanie

typography apps

typography apps

Grace Bonney

sorry guys- it looks like mylifescoop didn’t put the post up in time. we just emailed them and it should be live in a bit. sorry about that :(



Very great suggestions. I know it’s not an app, but if you are looking for an awesome typography forum with tons and tons of fonts for your blog designs, photos, scrapbook, invitations etc. check out the type.is/good forum. I think it is now invite only or by subscription I think, but it is a very great resource for scrapbookers and font lovers.

Thanks again for sharing these, my iphone will love you!


Some great apps here, I like The Font Game, but a couple of times it has crashed for me. Thanks for sharing these!! Another alternative is “Type Anatomy”, that seems to be alright.