zodiac pillows

Amy Azzarito has been instrumental in making all things astrology and zodiac a bigger part of my life. The fact that I now look at zodiac pillows and now say, “Ooh!” is entirely thanks to her. These new constellation pillows from Kin Ship are hand-printed on navy percale cotton pillowcases and come packaged in a sweet decorative telescope tube (complete with a starry view on the inside). All twelve zodiac signs are available ($22 each) and would be fun to pair with other sign-related products for a themed gift. You can check out and shop the full series (along with Kin Ship’s other pillow designs) right here. A digital high-five to my fellow Geminis out there . . . xo, grace


Love Kinship Press. I have their goodnight moon pillow cases, but I may need to add these to the collection as well…


I got two of these for hubby and I a month or so ago through fab.com and we love them!
Gorgeous with our white bedding and craigslisted Moroccan wedding blanket!