The Extraction Series by Matthew Shlian

by Grace Bonney

I’m a huge Matthew Shlian fan. His work takes paper engineering (which I love is even a thing) to such a beautiful level, and each series seems to explore something different and more exciting. Matthew’s latest collection, Extraction, is a continuation of his collaborative series with Ghostly. These new pieces explore the idea of moving through space but within the constraints of a square foundation. I love the subtle motion he achieves just with paper shapes; it’s the sort of artwork that would make you stand and look for a long time. Extraction is available in three unique combinations right here, with each style produced in limited editions of 30 white and 5 black pieces.

To celebrate their latest release with Matthew, Ghostly collaborated on a feature video of Matthew talking about his process in the studio. Ann Arbor-based director and producer Jakob Skogheim captured some awesome time-lapse footage of Matt working on several pieces, including one from the new Extraction series. The music is provided by Ann Arbor artist Shigeto. Click here to check out and shop the collection online and hit “play” below to watch the video of Matthew’s work and process. Thanks, Brian! xo, grace

Ghostly International presents Matthew Shlian on Vimeo.

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  • Ghostly International is an incredible record label, but their support for visual artists is something I have always greatly admired. Matthew Shlian is so cool, highly recommend checking out his personal site!

  • I love his work. So fundamental somehow. DesignSponge introduced his work to me some time back. So thank you!

  • Mathew, your work is absolutely wild and yet very beautiful to wonder and imagine its very meaning!!!

  • Mathew, I am so proud of you!!! You have come a long way from your Helen Keller days.

    Your work is facsinating!! Your pieces resonate with rhythm and balance.

    You actually create a visual image that dances across the surface. Fabulous!!!

  • WOW! Mrs. Cioppa! Thank you so much! Your encouragement helped me through school! This is amazing- designsponge is reuniting teachers and students

  • Matt…I have the complete Tessellation Formation Series hanging in my stairway – a progression that speaks to the transition one makes moving from the first to second floor. The series does a wonderful job of playing with light, as does all your work.

    I just bought the new Extraction Series – complete – black and white – soon to arrive. The motion, light and shadow, and juxtaposition of white and black will make a dramatic statement.

    Matt – your work is beautiful. I am looking at a wall in my home thinking a commission might be in the near future.

    Keep growing…

  • when are you going to release some new works?? i love the Tessellation Formation!! i want all of them!!!!