The Bloombox

The intersection of gardening and technology is always an interest of mine. I love it when that intersection helps prevent me from killing plants, but I’ll take any intersection between the two I can get. Bloombox is a new project from Nicholas Hyde that combines an iPhone/iPod docking station with space for a terrarium. The tech side of the project amplifies sound, and the green side provides room for small plants to grow. I hate it when tech products feel too cold or slick, so having something natural growing underneath would be the perfect balance for me.

Bloombox is currently being funded on Kickstarter. Nicholas is looking to raise funds to make a mother mold so he can manufacture multiple Bloomboxes to sell. Right now, Mudshark Studios in Portland, Oregon, is making the existing molds, but a mother mold is needed to increase production.

I’m backing this as we speak, so if you’re interested in finding out more about the project or backing it yourself, click here to read more or click “play” below to watch the info video. Good luck, Nicholas! xo, grace


The term “terrarium” implies the use of glass, an enclosed environment that holds a steady amount of moisture, a lid to adjust the moisture and admittance of all-important light.

This cube does not appear to have glass sides. In what way is it a terrarium?

Perhaps it needs a more accurate description in order to achieve its funding goals. It appears to be a unique planter, mixing organic with synthetic.


i love the cute name! adorable and clever concept. however…the water that the plants will inevitably require to survive seems like it could create a hazard, considering the fact that this runs off electricity, no? that would be my concern in purchasing such an item.


Thanks for the constructive criticism, I’ve updated our kickstarter page and ditch the “terrarium” term altogether.


The Bloombox doesn’t run on electricity per se, your iPhone runs on electricity. So long as the cord is not directly next to a wall socket there shouldn’t be any problem with a little bit of water.