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sneak peek: lauren moffatt

by Amy Azzarito

After living on a 31-foot sailboat on the Hudson River for five years, fashion designer Lauren Moffatt made the move to a small one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. At the time, the concept of indoor plumbing alone was enough to turn her into a land lover! Twelve years later, with a husband, a child and another on the way, that one-bedroom apartment began to feel a little cramped. So the couple purchased the apartment below theirs and transformed the space into a three-bedroom home. The additional space allowed them to spread out and gave Lauren the opportunity to decorate without being as practical as one must be in a tiny space. For example, the staircase walls were designed to house some of her more random collections. To create a feeling of openness, they replaced the solid walls with glass casement doors, and the once empty kitchen that had been used as a guest room was turned back into a working kitchen. Thanks, Lauren! And a big thank you to Alice Gao for the lovely photographs! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: This Jean Pelle Bubble Chandelier was the first thing I bought when we renovated the apartment. I love the airy, delicate feel.

Image above: The bureau is one of a three-piece set that I bought at a thrift store in Philly for $150 total. The painting, which I spruced up a bit, was a $5 find from the Bed-Sty Salvation Army. (White Dove Benjamin Moore wall paint.)

See more of Lauren’s New York City apartment after the jump . . .

Image above: I lived in the apartment for more than five years without a kitchen. I used the room as a guest room. When my boyfriend moved in, we decided it would be more fun to cook for friends than to have them stay over.

Image above: I found this Eames chair in the trash on my way home from work last year. My nephew and I carried it home and put it in this corner, and it’s been there ever since. The wall was built by a boat builder/metalworker friend.

Image above: When we combined our apartment with the unit below, we were finally able to spread out a bit and display things I’d been collecting for years. The animal trophy heads are from DFC Mexico City.

Image above: My mom’s antique bureau, which she graciously gave me to help compensate for my lack of closet space.

Image above: Ironically, my husband’s very spacious closet.

Image above: Pics of the Grands and a place for my bags.

Image above: I made all the curtains in my apartment out of fabric from past collections. These are Spring 2008.

Image above: One of two twin beds in the guest room.

Image above: We used utilitarian outdoor hose handles for our bathroom sink. I love the unfussy, functional look.

Image above: The sink vanity is another Paul McCobb piece from the $150 set of three. Since I only paid $50 for it, I could justify cutting the hole in the top!

Image above: My Sum Design wallpaper in Green Floral Femme Fatale.

Image above: The bookends under the little table between the windows are Miller Goodman building blocks.

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  • I love how NY this is – mostly found objects and discarded repurposed things that work perfectly – I bet the previous owners of everything are having an ugly stepsister moment (or they should!!!)

  • I love the outdoor details on your bathroom sink! And your bedspread. And the guest room. And everything else. In every photo, something totally unexpected caught my eye yet the whole space feels totally cohesive. Amazing.

  • I have that Jean Pelle fixture and love it! It looks great in that room…..this apartment is adorable and looks perfect for a home! Love the use of colors!

  • She is super lucky to have found all those pieces [esp. the eames chair – trash find whaaaaat!?!!] they all look so well together! And I love how effortless homes can be without breaking the bank [even for popular fashion designers =)]

  • Hi, I was wondering where the child’s bed is from? Is there a source for it? Thanks!

  • We used to live on a sailboat as well, and are trying to get our first real “big” space on land organized — thank you for the glimpse into your beautiful home and the shot of inspiration, Lauren!

  • I absolutely love your taste in furniture! That bureau from your mom is so beautiful! Wonderful home, thank you for sharing!

  • Every room has something interesting to look at!! Love the iron/glass door, the dining chairs and paintings throughout. Total envious over the Eames chair. Like the toddler bed and nailed-headboard…perfect closet to store the hubbies shoe collection. The hole-punch wall in the bathroom (the one holding the glass door) breaks up the subway tile a bit, adds so much interest and ties all the design elements together. That, plus the diamond design (stencil work?) on the partition wall in the bedroom were my two favorite things to see. It’s amazing how using a simple design on something small makes a huge impact in the whole room, very nicely done!!

  • I feel like I need to know more about this “no kitchen” business. Like were there no appliances in there either? What did you eat/how did you keep food in the house? I just can’t seem to wrap my poor little head around a home with no kitchen, even in NY!

    Beautiful space, and indeed lots of inspiration!

  • Are all the paintings from thrift stores? Because I LOVE them. I am especially thinking about the one in the first photo.
    Love the place.

  • What a fun place! So beautiful and light-filled. After a boat, it must feel huge. And a great selection of colors for a young family.

  • Eeeee! Everything is just fantastic!! So hard to choose a fave spot. I’d love to know what the “soundtrack” to the apt is/would be. :)

    LOVE it!
    xo Jenny Holiday

  • Now this is true creativity! I love this apartment, all the color, the patina, the parquet, the timeless updates…thanks for sharing.

  • well i know the toddler bed is Oeuf..but where is the throw on the master bed from? that is well nice :-)

  • beautiful! I agree with Elizabeth about the art, that first painting in the top image is just wonderful. I especially love the white tiles and teal/green touches in the kitchen! Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh and also I might not show my boyfriend that picture of your partners wardrobe and all those colourful shoes! He will be crazy jealous.

  • I adore the shower-floor tiles, what a treat it must be to bathe in there! Do you remember where you got those from by any chance?

  • This is absolutely gorgeous and so inspiring. I love her patience in curating the space instead of picking things out off a showroom floor. just lovely.

  • Lauren! I love your home but am OBSESSED with your clothing!

    I was just on a photoshoot with Daymion Mardel and he saw I had pinned a bunch of images from your site (which he coincidentally shot!)… he said you are a great friend of his. Small world :)

    Anyway, awesome job on your place!

  • Such a great place! Do you happen to know whom the chairs in the dining room are from? I have quite similar ones in my appartment and am still looking for the designer.

  • Hi everyone –
    I just heard back from Lauren with some sources:

    The kid’s bed is Oeuf. It was walnut and white wood, which she painted cream and red.
    Bedding is John Robshaw + her husband’s grandmother’s quilt.
    Vintage quilt on master bed is a kilim.
    Shower floor tiles are from home depot
    Dining room chairs are Alan Gould Compass chairs
    Thank you!
    Amy A

  • Beautiful, beautiful place! Where is that leather couch from?? I’ve been looking for one just like it but haven’t had any luck yet….

  • These spaces are amazing. I love the use of wood grain especially. Its such a subtle way to change up a material and define a new space!

    Love, Form and Fashion

  • I’ve always loved Lauren Moffat’s work, but her casual approach to curating her living space with found objects rather than buying lots of expensive furniture and decor makes me love her even more!

  • Absolutely beautiful! Such amazing inspiration! My husband and I just bought a new apt and I would LOVE to do a similar glass/iron wall. I know your friend made it…would he ever be interested in making another??? It’s perfect for our new space…please advise!

  • Sorry to bother with more sources but would love to know where the Master Bed is from. The simple shape with the nailheads is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • Well Done! Love the color balance , great integration of the mid-century classic look with the ultra modern stainless steel kitchen, warm wooden floors and love the art!!

  • I love every little detail about this apartment! the floor lamp in the living room, the bureau outside of the kitchen, bedspread in master bedroom, literally everything. Thank you for sharing!

  • Can I move in please?? So lovely and and an inspiration. Where is the ceiling fan from? I have been looking for a vintage style one, and can’t seem to find one anywhere!! Thanks.

  • Absolutely agree with every other comments on this post. I lurve this place. Have been hunting high and low for a dining table like the one they have. I can’t seem to find it anywhere in Switzerland :(

  • Very creative….I’m asking the same thing as Shannon….We have a library that is off the spacious living room and we are looking for the same industrial steel and small door to close it off. I have solicited a few, one just moved from NY to CA, so he went by the way side, another was commercial and would have cost $10k, way out of budget….I designed your exact wall on paper a few years back when searching. I have yet to find someone to quote. I will even drive to NY! I’m in CT and not far from NY! Please! Please share your friend….the talented metal worker! I can order the glass here and we can install it! Just need someone to make it! ;o)

  • Hi everyone, to answer some more of the questions:
    The ceiling fan is an inexpensive one I bought from Home Depot. I painted it black when I got home.
    The bed frame is from West Elm. He wanted something soft and welcoming, so we compromised with this headboard embellished with nailheads.
    The sofa is from Room & Board and has served our family well. Leather is very forgiving of a 4 year old.
    The living room wall was done by John Farrell. He’s an amazing welder / artist! You can contact him here: farrellwelding@optimum.net

    xx LM

  • I remember the sail boat, where you gave me my first LM dress. I remember the summers we spent on various boats. I remember how excited you were to finally have your real apartment! Hot plate and all…. so proud and happy for you guys. The place is amazing. Hope to see you soon ♡