signe sugar

Sarah Foote is one heck of a multi-talented woman. In addition to her beautiful lamp and pillow designs, Sarah is now creating beautiful (and delicious) sugar flowers and letters that you can buy online as Signe Sugar. Normally I’m not a big fan of sugar flowers but these look so cheerful and fun- I’d be tempted to use them on cakes for just about any occasion. And since Sarah is offering letters and numbers on her shop page, it would be easy to order a small set for birthdays or anniversaries. I love the pink/red/orange color palette Sarah is using, too- it’s always a favorite of mine. Click here to check out Sarah’s shop for Signe Sugar and the accompanying blog right here. xo, grace


Wow, these are gorgeous! I especially love the little hearts bordering the cake. I wish I would have know about them in time for my birthday! Maybe next year :)


What is the technique for making those little decorations out of sugar? These cakes are beautiful and they are inspiring me to create a few designs of my own – if only I knew anything about cake decorating! Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Not often does my name appear in a blog post….or anywhere for that matter. Beautiful stuff!


Wowsers! Does anybody know how long these would last for if I bought some to use at a later date? Thanks :-)

Sarah Foote

Hi Jen! They will last about six months, or more, if stored in a cool dry place. Thank you so much Grace for the kind words! I am humbled. :)

Karen Ringel

awesome sarah… I love the lamp you made me..and now you are expanding into another growing, innovate design genre. Love it!