sian keegan stuffed plants

by Grace Bonney

Over the course of the last year, I’ve managed to slowly kill any plant that I bring into the house. I’m not sure what’s happening, but anything green that crosses my doorstep ends up brown and in the trash a few months later. It got me thinking that I should perhaps embrace being plant-free for a while (which makes me sad to even type) or find an alternative. I’m not normally a fan of plush anything, but these little stuffed fabric plants from Sian Keegan are adorable. Sian made them as an option for people who live in spaces that lack natural light or have animals that like to chew on plants. I think one or two of these on a desk or tabletop would be super cute. There is a huge range of options, all of which require absolutely no gardening skills to maintain. Maybe just a light dusting now and then. Click here to check out and shop Sian’s full collection online. And a big high five to anyone who can resist ordering a custom plush version of their pet while browsing Sian’s shop. xo, grace

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  • Wow – what a cute idea. It’s amazing what people can think of to create and the work and detail that goes into something like this. Well done Sian!

  • WOW! I really, really want them. I wish I could stitch like mum and grandma, then I could easily make them myself!

  • I would love one of these stuffed plants for my office since I’ve killed all the other plants that lived in here.

  • my cats are basically retarded and respond to all actual plant life with the agitation and excitement of a coked-up wildebeest, thus rendering potted ferns and cat grass into a fine layer of dirt and green specks on my floor.

    these might be the answer i’ve been looking for. thank you!

  • These are absolutely brilliant, I love them! Thanks so much for sharing these, I have several on my wish list now.

  • I love plants and anything living and manage to keep most of mine alive, however there are places in the house that is not light enough for plants and these would do so well there. I also love anything fabric and these fabric sculpture are so wonderful, would love to have some on my coffee table!

  • Love. Love. Love, love, love!

    Since Fat Cat must chew on every plant that enters the house, I am very limited on what I can bring in for his inspection. These would be such a bright spot for a home as plant starved as mine!

  • oh, these are great!!!! i saw something similar at anthro in the spring & have been meaning to give it try …. but how lucky someone has a shop full of them! thanks, Grace!

  • It’s a complete turn off to see a comment with the word “retarded” on this site.